TurionPowerControl Homepage

What the hell is this?

TurionPowerControl is a nice command line tool for Windows and Linux that allows users to tweak AMD processors parameters. It is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

It currently supports

How can I use it?

Included with the package you will download there's a complete documentation (inside the doc folder) that will teach you how to use it

Download latest version:

Latest experimental version available is v0.43, updated 2012/04/17: Download TurionPowerControl v0.43

Download older versions:

Older versions are available here:

TurionPowerControl v0.422

TurionPowerControl v0.41

TurionPowerControl v0.40a

TurionPowerControl v0.30

TurionPowerControl v0.29.1 alpha

TurionPowerControl v0.29 pre-alpha

TurionPowerControl v0.22 (Supports only family 11h processors)

Download MSVC Project source code:

There is also a project archive that will compile with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008. It is a very old version BTW:

TurionPowerControl v0.12 - MSVC Project Source Code